Your design

Custom glass product handcrafted for you

Glass as a material can be adapted to multiple uses in interior design.

All our products can be provided with a unique pattern, which we design together with the client.
A design can be based on a photograph or simply a mental image of a pattern you wish to add to the product.
We have made:

an image on a sauna door based on a child’s drawing
complete bathroom walls out of recycled glass
and illuminated glass panels behind a sauna heater,
to name a few of our creations.

There are endless options!

We will also provide you with all the profiles and fastening mechanisms for the glasses. We have many different glazing profiles in stock.

Contact us and we will design a glass element for your needs.

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Lasisävyt ja kuviot.


Taidelasi Kuopio.


Ruskea lasi.

Customer path:


Customer path demonstrates the design and the production process of custom-made glass product

  1. Customer delivers the draft and dimensions of the product to us or our cooperation partner can take care of measuring
  2. We make a model of a product or a drawing
  3. Our expert design a modul considering safety issues and possible special demands of the environment
  4. Expert makes a hand-crafted modul for the owen
  5. Melting and cooling process
  6. Ready glass product, which can be still work. (for example drill holes)
  7. Hardening the glass
  8. Pre-assembly, it is possible to integrate lighting system and install wide range of profiles
  9. Delivery / installation / ready to install including installation manual

All the products of our collection are in Lasilinkki’s shop and showroom.
We are happy to introduce our collection to you.

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