Recycled glass lighting


The Sirua ceiling light was jointly designed by Lasilinkki Oy and Tapio Anttila and combines ecology with style. Crushed and then re-melted glass resembles ice crystals glittering in spring. The raw material of the light is a special recycled crushed Lasilinkki glass. The light is available in both 60 cm and 90 cm diameter.

Diameter 90 cm, price €1,800.

Diameter 60 cm, price €1,200. Product data sheet – Sirua light

The magnificent glitter of the Essis floor light is generated by Lasilinkki’s special recycled crushed glass inside the lighting fixture. A led strip placed in the middle of the crushed material softly reflects through the glass, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Price €750. Product data sheet – floor light