Essis collection

Essis collection was born from the need to create unique glazing solutions. The products in the Essis collection are handmade and partially based on the diverse uses of recycled glass.

All the products of Essis collection are in the Lasilinkki’s showroom and shop.
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Essis collection 2019


Glass wall “Sunrise”

Award-winning designer couple Saana & Olli designed the Sunrise glass wall for the Essis Collection. Read more


Lighting fixtures produced from recycled glass. Read more

Glass doors

Extensive range of versatile glass to create doors and walls. Read more

Mirrors and shelves

Gorgeous antique patina mirrors, block mirror tables and tone mirrors. Also pretentious mirrors and shelves made of crushed recycled glass. Read more

Wash basins

Illuminated Essis glass wash basins are impressive, durable and easy to clean. Read more

Wall panels with recycled glass filling

A wall panel with hundreds of small glittering recycled glass pieces. Due to their smooth surface, which beautifully refracts light, the panels are also excellent for special design walls. Read more

Recycled glass tiles

You can create impressive sets with our eco-friendly recycled glass tiles. Read more