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Designers, architects and builders. Decorators, visionaries and artists. You are all welcome to Kuopio, to have a closer look at our products and exhibition rooms – let’s become inspired and work on ideas together!

We look forward to any questions or feedback you may have, so feel free to contact us.

Essis by Lasilinkki
Lasilinkki Oy
Yrittäjäntie 5, 70150 Kuopio
p. +358 17 283 3100

All the products of Essis collection are in the Lasilinkki’s showroom and shop.
We would be happy to introduce our collection for you.
You are always welcome to Lasilinkki!

We are open: mon-fri 7.30-16.30

At other times as per agreement.

essi (at)

lasilinkki (at)



Essi Sundman
Vision director
+358 40 565 2957


Sami Hyvärinen

Master artisan

+358 40 833 4167