Acoustic glass panels


Innovative acoustic panels made of melted glass crystals from czech glasio

GLASIO is a porous material formed of thermally bonded particles of crystal glass. The panels are bonded by heat and do not contain any additives, such as fillers and binders.

Unique material for architects and designers who are looking for solution to create gorgeous acoustic walls for public spaces and interiors where acoustic quality and luxurious appearance is needed, like:

lecture halls
private homes such as loft apartments

and in a number of other indoor spaces

Price List 2020

Glasio has been awarded several prizes:
  • An Acoustic Product 2014
  • Innovation of 2015
  • Visionary 2015



Glasio sound absorption coefficient according to ISO 11654





Glasio absorboitumiskertoimen graafi


For example:

colour scale

A basic range of colours was chosen to use in modern or historical interiors in timeless shades typical of crystal glass.
Thanks to this manufacturing process, also known as sintering, increased brilliance and 3D effect occur,
the latter being particularly prominent in dyed panels.
When neccessary, the shades could be mixed and create new and unique combinations.
It is recommended to present the colour on an actual sample.



Easy installation. Aluminium crate allows precise and easy anchoring. Each panel is attached to the crate from its corners. Depht can be adjusted to accomplish the appropriate distance from the crate.

Attachment points are finished with same glass material.

The whole thickness of the system is 65 millimetres minimum from backround wall.
Assembly guide is included to the product.

Orthogonal size 100 x 45 cm

Slabs could be shaped and bent optionally (more detailed information on request)

Weight of the system 30 kg / m²

Bending strenght 15 ± 1 mm (levelled by mounting with sagittal rectification)