Essis - Collection

We know glass



Our hands give shape to an inspiration, surrounded by Savonian forests and lakes. The hands that constantly create something new from a material we know inside out. We know glass because we have been thinking about glass for decades in everything we do. Read more

Essis Collection

Essis Collection is a unique glass product family for construction and interior decoration. The products are always made by non-industrial methods, with patterns made by hand or by melting. You can create an eye-catching element or a uniform set with our products. Read more


We achieve multi-form, even magical surfaces with various melting techniques, which time and again give us new inspiration. We will gladly help you in designing glass surfaces and patterns, to make them alive and durable. Read more


Our products speak to the beholder and show glass as a versatile luminous element, where the patterned surface leads to a magnificent refraction of light. Light makes the glass alive! Read more